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Our Programs

Gary Waldron & Associates customized and comprehensive programs ensure skill transfer through our proven tools, a highly interactive approach and extensive follow-up materials.

You can expect:

Exceptional facilitators with real-world experience who fully engage participants.

Attendees will receive:

  • Laminated Reminder Cards on critical concepts & tips.
  • Program Binder - complete materials of all training methodology detailing more of a "how to" approach versus "theory" based models.
  • For our Business Development Programs, attendees will also take away a CD "Sell with the Best." This CD will give your business development people a complete System in order to help them secure business more effectively.

Program interaction and feedback to ensure that methods have been transferred and are being used successfully. It allows us to get participants back on track through additional practice and repetition.



Corporate Pricing:

The investment for a program of up to ten participants is based upon $7,500.00 per day and includes customization, preparation and delivery of the program. All participants (up to 10 attendees) would receive a complete text of all course materials. If you choose to have more than 10 attendees, a per-head, per day fee of $750.00 will be applied for all additional attendees.

If you choose to have a larger class size, an investment of $9,700.00 per day would be the fees associated for participants of up to 16 attendees. If you choose to have more than 16 attendees, a per-head, per day fee of $607.00 will be applied for all additional attendees.

For our Alberta clients, the Canada-Alberta Government Grant program may be available for you and eligible employees.  It offers reimbursement of up to 2/3rds of the cost of the training program plus relevant materials and employee travel.  Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The cost per individual participant in a corporate group may be estimated based on the above pricing model.

For example: A 12 participant group per day cost at $7500 plus $1214 (2 additional participants) for a total of $8714 per day or $726 per person per day.

Each day of training is 8 hours in total.

All attendees will receive a certificate of completion and course materials (binder) on completion.

Additional costs to anticipate include: program venue/facility, audio/visual equipment, course materials & printing, CDs and binders (@ approximately $30/binder), travel and related expenses (if required) and any required taxes such as GST if applicable.

General or Open Programs:

Approximately three to four times per year, we offer our landmark “Business Development - Tier One”, three-day program in Calgary, Alberta open to individuals who wish to attend.

Pricing for our General Program is $2300 per person for the three-day program, including all materials.