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Savanna Well Servicing Inc.

Dear Gary,

The challenges of today's Oil & Gas market demand that Savanna Energy employ the best sales team in the marketplace. We recognize and respect that without putting your "best players on the ice" winning the game will be that much harder. Our decision to partake in the "Advanced Selling Skills" course put on by Gary Waldron and Assoc. Inc has enabled us to refocus and direct our people to continue to be a leader in the industry.

We recognize that our customers are putting us to the test in today's marketplace and we are more than confident based on the Waldron program that we will continue to be the successful in the years too come. The feedback from our team was nothing short of exceptional and puts us the best position to continue to provide our customers with the right solutions.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and your company and have already planned for the next step in the Waldron selling process. The real world application is both beneficial on a personal and professional level and will set us apart from companies in which we compete with on a day to day basis.

I would be more that happy to recommend your program to any of your future customers and offer up my contact information should a referral be required for your company.


Bruce Nash
Sales and Marketing Manager
Savanna Well Servicing Inc.

Weatherford Canada Partnership 

Dear Gary,

I would like to thank you and your associate Ray Bedier for delivering a series of exceptional Advanced Selling Skills and New Business Development Programs for our direct and field team. We had great feedback from the team who equally felt that your program was the most industry specific and usable programs they have gone through.

I appreciate all the time you spent up front customizing these program specifically to Artificial Lift and Weatherford. This effort paid significant dividends in that the programs were very compatible with our industry and concentrated on how our sales staff can meet and more importantly effectively target and exceed our customer needs.

The ability to balance workshops, role rehearsals, videos and fun contests to ensure skill transfer all proved to be an incredible learning and review tool. The mechanics of the new business development program initiative was to create new business by going "Deeper and Wider "leveraging our current customer relationships utilizing your exclusive referral process.

The following deliverables were achieved.

  • Increase Revenue – Our Sales force generated in excess of 2.5 million in new business growing our market share.
  • Measuring Skills - individuals were tracked in matrix measuring revenue generating activities. This continuous feedback provided the sales staff with more awareness of their abilities and benefits of adopting new skills.
  • Increased Accountability – feedback on how management could better coach and develop our team and create an even higher performing team.

If you should be in need of a reference for your products and services do not hesitate to give my name and number.

Weatherford Canada Partnership
Artificial Lift Systems
Jomo Green, Regional Sales Manager


Dear Gary,

Negotiating for Business Results Program

I have surveyed my associates who attended the above referenced program and I want to register with you the feedback has been great.

You delivered on your promise that the course would be educational, applicable and practical in our daily sales activities. I witnessed how you maintained everyone's attention throughout this full day of program by presenting the material in an enthusiastic and energetic style.

Greg L. Kwong
Executive Vice President and
Regional Managing Director
Alberta Principal

RBC Royal Bank

Dear Gary

First I just wanted to compliment you and Peter for a fantastic job in the facilitating course. Having been able to attend a portion of the course I could see that both you and Peter are very knowledgeable about the subject matter and passionate in your delivery.

Recently Gary, we went back to the participants of the four day course to review how they are using the materials that you and Peter delivered.

In our informal survey we asked what the participant remembered the most about the course. The comments we received identified that the behavior styles section was the one topic remembered the most. From the material provide, we then asked the participants, "What have you changed in how you interact with your clients and have you seen any increased sales results?" The responses suggest there has been significant impact on asking for referrals which is leading to improved sales.


Don Tarry
Vice President
Sales and Marketing Support
RBC Royal Bank

Albi Homes Builders

Your Program of sales techniques and accountability seems to have been the missing link in achieving the high performance results we have strived for.

Your personal approach to coaching, the "real life" scenarios and the approach to accountability your program touches on all emphasized to our entire team of Community Managers, Sales Associates and Leadership team, the importance or preparation, practice and persistence in the life of a sales professional.

It is with 100% confidence that I recommend your approach and program to any organization that is willing to make the commitment to improve with the results being "success" in achieving corporate and personal goals.

Allan J. Klassen
President and Managing Partner
Albi Homes Builders

Homes By Avi

We could say that you had fulfilled our expectations in the delivery of an exciting and effective sales performance program however that is not the case. Going into this course we had expected you to excel beyond prior courses booked, but had not been prepared for a program that surpassed levels of quality in delivery, content and sincerity to the degree that you were able to delivery. Your program was exceptional. Yours was contemporary in thought relative to today's customers and sales techniques.

The sincerity of your delivery and effective connection of the content to issues relative to our industry has instilled a strong commitment in our team to utilize your principals for success.

Alice Mateyko
Vice President Marketing and Sales
Homes By Avi

Jim Pattison Lease

"Every team member acknowledged that they had not only learned new techniques and approaches to creating success, but they also felt they were energized and invigorated to their chosen career of selling. Its motivational content was such that even our most jaded sales employees were highly engaged.

In closing, I would like to thank you on behalf of our entire team for your commitment to excellence and your professional approach to our needs at Jim Pattison Lease. I have been in business of selling sales teams for over 25 years and this is by far the best program I have had the pleasure of being a part of."

Dennis Kolic
Vice President
Jim Pattison Lease

Jim Pattison Lease

"Our sales people now have a clear path to success and they are embracing the program with a greater opportunity to reach their goals.

The best result from having gone through the program is the practical, hands-on selling process that has empowered our people to take action. They no longer get stuck at certain points during the sales process. Ray's training has given them the tools to understand where they are in the selling process, and what to do next.

I would highly recommend Ray Bedier for sales and management training."

Kevin Hillman
Director of Sales
Jim Pattison Lease