What Sets Our Programs Apart

  • Programs are customized to the clients industry and business.
  • Tangible, measurable results are actually realized within the training session.
  • Training methodology focuses on a highly portable, immediately applicable "how to" approach versus theory based models.
  • Client management participation is encouraged in all Programs to help ensure skills transfer.
  • We exercise an on-going commitment to follow-up with program attendees.
  • Our CD reinforces the program through repetition as well our laminated cards on critical areas of our Programs make follow-up completely portable.

Follow up Tools

To guarantee effective skill transfer and to accelerate sales performance. Every participant will receive these effective follow-up tools to help and ensure that our methods are used on an on-going basis.

  • Nine Laminated Reminder Cards on critical areas of our Sales System.
  • Follow-up day that will run 6 – 8 weeks after the initial training. This will ensure that the methods have been transferred and are being used successfully. It allows us to get participants back on track through additional practice and repetition.
  • A CD "Sell with the Best" This CD will give your sales force a complete Sales System in order to help them sell more effectively and make more money.
  • A Complete Customized Binder of the training methodology detailing more of a "how to" approach versus theory based models.
  • Call out programs and on going retainer arrangements can be made for both management and sales.
  • Rory McIlroy uses a coach and still hits 1000 balls between tournaments.